Ki claw moveset (FRI,HUF,HUM,MAF,SYF,SYM)

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    This is was a moveset that i made for my friend TheBlackX long time ago, some people asked me to upload it so i improved with TheGreenCero's (he did the claw effect) help it and now is compatible with cacs.

    As always is compatible with tails, ssj3 stance, turn golden, powerpole and purification

    It contains 4 different ki claw colours:

    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Pink/Rose

    Not much to say aside from that, hope you guys like it

    My empty Patreon page.

    Thanks to my patrons for the support

    HUGE thanks to my saviours bigthebudo, Antony, and Superior Sonic

    Special thanks to Arcky for the showcase and TheGreenCero for helping me with the claw model


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    *Instructions on the file

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    1.0 release