King Cold (Augmented Form) version 2.0

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    This is King Cold in his Augmented form...i was inspired by dragon ball multiverse manga when i was making this,but since its a fan art anyway, ive decided to add few details of my own, Credits to my team member Xeno-warior Tesla who taught me how to bonescale models through bcs and to my friend VaiJack for his amazing portrait...I hope you will enjoy it...In the new version ive added a new x2m version

    without cape and halo which lot of you asked for ive also added custom audio...

  • speaker_notes Installation

    usual x2m method,requires xv2 patcher 2.0 or above...

  • event_note Changelog


    -Added abs

    -Added some new details on the helmet around mouth

    -Added custom audio lines

    -Changed Ultimate

    -Added version without cape and halo

    -Changed Cape color and details

    -Added some veins on Bust and Legs

    -Added new portrait by VaiJack8

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