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    My Zeus version ,that ressembles other deities ( Hades and Zeus arent twins  , but release an empty armors was so funny

    I was making sure that his object mode actually looks like Zeus and more, also every part of the armor. And adding some silver instead of an entire golden. Also has 12 wings like an high hyerarchy angel, concept

    It has some indirect references.

    Ra (The sun shield)

    Odin (The helmet and the spear)

    Bochica ( The fake staff)

    Anu (the four superior wings)


    The Throne of God

    Amaterasu ( By not removing the halo in the skill of Zamasu )

    Maybe more?

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  • event_note Changelog
    • Textures has been fixed
    • Some editings were applied in the model
    • Zeus armor object mode as been added
    • If you battle vs Zeus (first costume) he can summon his cloth and / or equip it.
    • Now the third and second forms of cloth are diffent
    • Three costumes are avaliable
    • The staff was removed, like if it is only a decoration in the armor , while the lighning is hide.

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