• description Description

    The first added slot based in a cac, now with unique skills (It´s not a simple cac ,cause cacx2m not even existed when I made the first costume of the mod )

    Lysk Knyer Lahavrix 

    Her name is L. Knyer (Nyr ,in her homeworld dialect), she is an uncommon red Ozaru, daughter of a male human half blood saiyan  name Wyrell ,and a female survivor Saiyan from another galaxy name, Kinoko.

    She born in a world with four moons ;name Irxave . a human colony.

    Lysk before XV : Her parents were murdered and she raised alone Lysk XV: Her history as a TP begun in a parallel universe of an alternative timeline , then she was summoned by Trunks wish

    Lysk XV2 events: cursed by Towa , she had a mask

    Lysk after XV2 events :

    She can transform in SSB during a battle and also revert to Super Saiyan God ( A new kind of skill , the first in their class.) Also is able to use Blue Kaioken x10

    L. Knyer Black : her body was taken by a complicated demon deity from her dimension

    OC  (custom body , face , clothes ...) 

    • Lysk year 2241
    • Lysk (cursed)
    • Lysk ( damaged armor)

    Skills :


    Kardia lighning : A tecnic named after her homeworld blue sun Red moon rise : A tecnic name after her homeworld red moon , when she was training alone


    Neo Blue Fist

    Awoken : 

    Even can perform a Potara Fusion:

    • First female Metamoran fusion , Varhanyr
    • A Potara fusion before Kefla , Knyzej
    • Super Saiyan 2 , SSG , SSB
    • Super Saiyan 2 , 3 ,4
    • RM Super Saiyan : With the power of the Super Saiyan 3 exposed to her homeworld moon her hairs is now turned orange.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Its a X2M file.

  • event_note Changelog

    *Knyer transformable SSJ3 & SSJ4 *SSj4 bust has been replaced by an armor. *Eyebrowns has been fixed, stats are set, armor removed again. *Tail and SSJ4 transformation has been added *XV1 voice has been added. *Custom skill: Red Moon Rise *Custom skill : Kardia Lightning *Super Saiyan 4 skill *Potara Fusion Skill *Potara Fusion improved *Red tail in some costumes *better eyeboarders for SSJ4 *Super Saiyan God as costume *Costumes total ,reduced to six *Blue Kaioken x10 * Blue Final Blow *Blue Kick *God Fist *Moveset fixed *camera fixed * Knyer Black with a ki Blade

    • Bio organic curse (Halloween 2018 release)  Demon awoke Saga