L.Knyer’s lore -chapter IV – The Demon Awoke(PQ)

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    The Demon Awoke Some  years has passed since the Cell Jr attack that killed L.Knyer. Cell Jr was defeated by Gotenks (adult) and Bra SSJ2 However his vengeance was directly against Gohan, picolo and the others ;they were killed as well . Goku and Vegeta died naturally few years before. There's a new enemy. Shukumei, a makai from the demon realm.  She already knows the situation of this timeline and is planning an important power rising for herself . She has a plan, it consist on make Knyer's daugther, Rycelle (who was adopted and raised by Bra) to kill the U7 kai She used her illusion tecnique to confuse both. Besides Rycelle figured it out and she confronted the disguised Shukumei , defeating her ... The demon lady survive Her vengeance, revealed as a demon, against rycelle ,was cursing her. She used necromancy to obtain the dragon balls, and those were turned into Dark Holy DB, She absorbed those.

    • TP now let me tell you something . That power she was looking for, was about control the interdimensional space and time and use her  soul reaper skill for kill every Knyer's trace then escape towards the present timeline (were you are coming from) And that's funny because her attack in the present was her own damnation. She was destroyed by the fusion of Knyer and her friend Varhazej. Varhanyr.Now this is the situation TP. In this timeline were you're about to enter ,the events are really different, because Shukumei already performed the necromancy and she cursed Rycelle too. The U7 Kai is dead as well. Prevent Shukumei to appear in your present , because Varhazej must not die until the next half hour, as Shukumei can seal the space and time; and any scroll were she has the Dark Holy DB inside her body,has been fierce closed. Besides Knyer did use a Varhazej time scroll just minutes ago and ... that's complicated to explain right now. All you need to know is that Knyer is suposed to return to her year 2241 timeline , in around the next six years.

      They're only 5 sub timelines.

    • L1 is were Knyer didn't lost her tail and later was supossed to died killed by Cell Jr.
    • L2 Knyer of the year 2241 , after beating Generbau (LGSSJ 2000's)  in the 2245 and Governor Liot. She was victim of the Bio Organic Curse but L2 and L1 have and strong link between each other...
    • L3 is were Varhazej still alive, and she is around 30 years old.  This scroll has been taken by Knyer as I said before.
    • L4/L5 Shukumei copied Zamasu.

      Don't worry about L4 and L5 Why? well. just take a look on Shukumei's souls ...

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