LazyBone Roster Transformation Ultimate Reshade pack

  • speaker_notesInstallation
    1. Download:

    2.Enter the folder u download and run New transformations Installer by lazybone


    3.After that's done go to Downloads/New Transformations 3.04./ Hair Change Transformations (CaC)/3. Roster Charecters/& select the Charecters u want in using x2m method

    4.(This can come before step 1 its optional) Download: & drage and drop

    5.After all that's done drop my files as the Last thing to top it off

    Need better understanding on step 1-3 read lazybone Read Me in his download

    Enjoy~ ;D

  • event_noteChangelog

    V1.02 Added Magic shirt fix ,if u have inverted wrist for ultra instinct ull need this if not ignore this

    V1.04 Goku Black Rose Reshaded my reshade of rose kaioken

    V1.05 Fixed goku damage ultra instinct sing  bust shade, might not be noticible but before it was slightly off

    V1.08: Ultra instinct omen and Vegeta ascended Ssjb Hair's Reshades have been updated for more accuracy