Lazybone Saiyans trans Ultimate Reshade (HuM/HuF)

  • speaker_notesInstallation
    1. Download:

    2.Enter the folder u download and run New transformations Installer by lazybone


    3.After that's done go to DownloadsNew Transformations 3.04. Hair Change Transformations (CaC). Normal & select the transformations u want in using x2m method

    4.(This can come before step 1 its optional) Download: & drage and drop

    5.After all that's done drop my files as the Last thing to top it off

    Need better understanding on step 1-3 read lazybone Read Me in his download

    Enjoy~ ;D

  • event_noteChangelog

    V.01: Huf files

    V.02: Added Hum Files plus the hair u see on my female saiyan

    V.03: Added Hum & Huf  Rose transformations & other transformations for HUM

    V.05: Hum ssj3 forehead fixed

    V.06: Super kaioken & Super saiyan rage added

    V.07: ssb reshade adjusted a lil