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    Primary Color - Green Skill Types - Ki Based. Super, Awakening, Evasive, and Transformation, but all are Ki Based. Overall Theme for Skills - Utility or Fast execution. Tried to keep overall damage in line with resource usage, (some use stam as well as ki) intended skill use, and speed. For individual skill details, see end.

    Author "Rules" I use the word rules, somewhat loosely. I can't really enforce what you do once you have the files, but you can use your head to imagine any potential consequences at the least. No need for rambling on about what if scenarios. Usage, i don't care who uses the skills. Feel free to add it to any of your own mod compilations and/or rerelease elsewhere if you want, please give credits though. Same goes for including any of it in videos or whatnot, free to do so with credits. I don't even mind people making edits, and then rereleasing that, but i really do want some mention in that scenario. Links to my work, would be greatly appreciated, if you make your own edits, but that's more of a request than a 'rule.'  And i really don't want to hear that someone actually bothered to edit one of these files, released it, then tried to forbid other people to release an edit of their version.

    Author Notes All of the skills contained in my mods, were all done by me. For clarification, they are skills within the game, where i edited the text or image files. That's it, i didn't do any 3d editing, hex editing, or anything of the sort. I used the guides/manuals supplied to me, from other modders. They were indispensable for me to do this. I also asked plenty of questions to the modding community and learned from other users' mods, which again was essential. The editing and testing though, was solely me, as such there really shouldn't be much concern if anyone messes around with anything. My main focus on making the skills, was to actually prioritize the flow of battle. To this extent, most of them have virtually no wind up. The ones that do, are because they are utility based.

    Contacting Me Best way to contact me is likely through Discord; Tonkatunk#7079. Do not contact me to request more mods. If you want to talk shop with me, know that i honestly have little experience out of simple text edits and 2d image editing. Do not contact me for troubleshooting your mods either. If you got a problem, test mods besides mine, to ensure you are at least able to get mods working. After that, if you can narrow down some kind of problem to be specifically my mods, then you should contact me, and i won't even claim that i'll actually be able to solve the problem.



    [ULTIMATE] Big Bang Blast 400 ki,. Big Bang turned into an ultimate, wind up is virtually gone, and size greatly increased. You will see low damage, for an ultimate, if you fire it at a distance. You will see moderate-high damage, if you can spawn it on the enemy. Tip for use, try to use it mid-combo, remember it's nowhere near as slow as the regular Big Bang.


    [ULTIMATE] Gungnir Rush 300 ki and 50 stam. Tyrant Lancer has been adapted for real combat now. It still executes fast, the damage is higher than any supers but lower than big bang. However, the "wind up" is that you dash forward, to the right, and above your opponent. Your initial speed is fast, dropping over the course of the dash, and ending by just slightly back down and to the left, which is towards the enemy again, before firing. You should not hit any standard beams however, such as Galick Gun or Kamehameha. The beam you fire has extended range and moves faster, compared to Tyrant Lancer. Tip for use, try to use it as a follow up for a combo, when you have enemies beside or behind you, or just an easy finish on a weakened enemy.


    [EVASIVE] Hunter's Prey 150 stam. Instant Transmission that warps you, hopefully, off to the side or behind an enemy, rather than directly in front. This should allow an easy escape from something like a multi-hit beam, while allowing you to stay close to your enemy. Tip for use, it may be an evasive, but it is still low resource cost and can be used at any time. Don't be afraid to use it to close a gap. The wind up and recovery from usage, are both very fast.


    [EVASIVE] Exploding Barrier 100 ki and stam, plus ki and stam drain on hold. The drain is a fairly modest rate allowing for a lengthy blast. This is meant for nothing other than to blow away nearby enemies so it has virtually no damage, but can be spammed for a few uses if you have the resources. Tip for use, try to use it when surrounded, after flying into a group, or to protect a nearby ally.


    [AWAKENING] Hunter Form 300 stam. Yes, stamina and not ki is used, so that you can use it at the start of the fight. Honestly the drain should be higher. Fast execution. The focus of this is to bring some raw power to basic attacks/ki blasts, enhance recovery rates for ki and stam, as well as increasing overall speed. You should gain 1 maximum ki and2 maximum stam bars on use. The super power ups are low, and the damage reduction is even lower. The speed is easily controllable when flying around without a target, but on locking on you may find yourself moving so fast that it's difficult to control. If you use virtually any of the other skills in this mod set though, you'll find that it may not be as troublesome as it could otherwise be. Tips for use, speed can be a problem, but also your best friend. Don't be afraid to boost to the side or do a quick dash, to evade almost any attack with total ease. You can also just stroll right through minor obstacles, such as a car or lightpost, and completely destroy it due to your speed. Originally gave humans and saiyans green hair+eyes, but this glitched out some stuff on other races.  To restore it, open the mod in Skill Editor, go to transformation tab, set Behavior 10 and 11 to a value of 0.  Also set Bcs hair color and eye color to 50.


    [SUPER] Blast Punch 100 ki. While i include this skill, i wouldn't honestly recommend using it. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta's Final Blow. Fast execution and does 300 damage to stamina, if guarded. The actual damage, is rather moderate. If you are not locked on, or are moving away from your enemy, you will simply warp a long distance and then release a ki wave that does no damage or stun. Tips for use, aim for an enemy who is distracted by an ally, use mid-combo, or use a slower moving projectile to distract the enemy, before Blast Punch.


    [SUPER] Crude Barrage 50 ki and 50 stam. This one's a doozy, enhancing Turles' Sudden Storm. You will fire 54 ki blasts in almost instant succession. They will travel great distance and has minor tracking, but can still be easily evaded. The blasts themselves aren't exceptionally fast, but aren't terribly slow. Damage output is moderate, with low stun to the enemy, but due to the gap between bullets being so small, you may find you easily miss 15-30 shots because your opponent moved slightly or got hit by something else. Tips for use, this is a great suppression tool, and devastates the Oozarus/Giant Apes. This move is to net you that 50 hit combo challenge, for a mission, to easily get a better grade. The low resource usage and good damage will make this seem like a powerful tool, but don't forget to watch your resources lest you regret running low on stam.


    [SUPER] Dirty Fireworks 50 ki and 50 stam. Vegeta's Finish Breaker. Exceptional range and can be used through terrain, but if you have no target will simply launch at point blank. The explosion radius is high, and can hit multiple targets with ease. Unlike Finish Breaker however, it does not benefit for hitting a knocked back enemy. Tips for use, can easily be used after a combo, on a distracted enemy, and even behind cover. Don't be afraid to support a distant ally with this.


    [SUPER] Grievous Disc 200 ki. Super Destructo Disc. Lowest damage of all the skills, aside from Exploding Barrier. Long windup animation, so make sure you don't use it too close to an enemy. It is extremely slow traveling, more so than normal discs. Fully homing, escape is almost impossible short of the skill timing out. This move will destroy virtually any other projectile/attack. It has absurdly long stun time. The disc will also cut through any building or object in its way, even multiple, to keep its pursuit. Due to the slow speed of the disc, it will time out roughly by the time it travels your full lock-on range. The disc will time out far faster, if you attempt to throw another disc, while one is already in existance. Tips for use, can easily destroy ultimates if you place it right. The slow travel time and long stun time make it a great tool to combo from one skill into another, if you can time it right.


    [SUPER] Quick Charge Recover ki and stam, can be held. Has a rather slow startup for a charging skill, but after the charge you can move almost instantly. In order to have a charge that actually made it feel like you could use skills, and that could match Hunter Form's recovery rate, this move will charge both your ki and stamina at an absurdly high rate. Tip for use, try not to use it at point blank, but otherwise use it every chance you get if you're down any ki or stam. If you're at max ki though, it will quickly cancel itself, but you will still get a couple bars of stam back regardless.

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    1.01 - Fixed Transformation.  In terms of effectiveness, nothing has changed.  I had a setting configured improperly though, which would cause certain outfits on at least Namekians, to start flashing different colors. At least temporarily, this link is just the transformation update, with no other files.

    Minor description update.  Hunter form no longer gives green hair/eyes, so edited its description to match the update.