Legendary Super Saiyan + Skill Gigantic Hyper

  • descriptionDescription
    about my skill also added here in the mod is a short reach skill if you can perform it perfectly will restore your ki because you are the only legendary saiyan with this ability!
    You who always wanted to have a really legendary CaC is here your solution a body similar to broly and you downloading new styles of legendary hair can use if you use the hair customized ssj3 when my transformation is activated the hair will grow a little more next to your body and muscles! enjoy good for you in the game be doing a great physical effort your body will wear out during the times so be careful and only when you are cornered!
  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Is very simple you have 2 files X2M in my mod install using xv2ins! and enjoi........

  • event_noteChangelog

    I'll keep improving my mod for you guys to use Thank you!