Legendary Super Saiyan Skill Pack Update 2.02

  • descriptionDescription


    use this link if you wanna change hair by yourself

    No more collides of any BCS Mod so go ahead you can enjoy this mod without any bcs issues

    and this mod is compatible with Lazybone and TP aura pack and it will be forever

    First of all I just want to know you all it's just compatible version of https://xenoversemods.com/mods/legendary-super-saiyan-skill-pack-for-female-and-male-saiyan/ for new game




    I will make other variable soon

    and btw if you find any bugs except leg  inside stage so notice me

    Credits Thanks to Hisana Fukuhara and TheGreenCero for letting me allow to update this skill pack

    and for my next mod updates you can join my discord My Server = https://discord.gg/fzdfk54

    My Team Discord Sever =   https://discord.gg/MyKmmZj


  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Install X2ms


    note : uninstall previous updates before installing new

  • event_noteChangelog

    2.02 = Added transformable Moveset for both genders  ( for more info read my patreon post )

    note I didn't test all female skills so gimme feedback ^^



    New 2.01 = Added one male skill with transformable moveset for sample of upcoming updates so stay tuned 🙂 🙂 :)


    Released = with some compatible with new game version

    plans for future update

    I will start to make addons for hairs and body height and other things

    and some custom super and ultimate skill and other bonus awoken skills and new custom auras

    2= added fully x2ms for both gender

    1.01 = Added Fully X2ms ( with new feature from eternity tools ofc now no need to use bcs cuz he added bcs body feature in his tools )


    Known Bugs and Limits  1)player glitches through  stage it can't be fixed for public version 2) if you tried to install all x2ms at once it will show error so I prefer install one by one by manually clicking on x2m and it will ask you want install then say yes

    and make sure your previous cac mod's works before blaming on this one