Light of Justice (Half Corrupted for CaC)

  • descriptionDescription

    Happy 1 year anniversary HC for CaC! an update for models will be released hopefully tomorrow. i wanted to get something out on the anniversary tho. Thank you to everyone whos helped and downloaded this mod!

    new screenshots coming with the next update.


    Call upon the Light of Justice to strike your hand and unleash true divine wrath upon all mortals!


    Thank you to lazybone for letting me use his animations effects cam.animations ect.

    Supported races are Human/Saiyan Male and Females, Namekians, Frieza Race, Female majins.

    Skill files. Vall

    Models,some skill files. Adam

    if you have any requests let me know at i'll get it done ASAP.

    I am going to put all extra busts with HC arm as a download in my discord at if you request one in the comments it will be there when its done.

    Support me on patreon. the patreon is only there if you WANT to support me. none of my mod stuff is paid.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    For 8.7 install is the same as normal.

    Readme.txt (in the download)


    For 9.3 (EXP)

    Install lazybones new transformations

    install my x2m. In that order.


  • event_noteChangelog

    1.4 Fixed rigging error on shirtless bust. Thanks Yami

    1.6 Skills can now be got the skill shop from the start of the game. Added version that does not use lazybones stuff.

    1.7 Fixed all skills can be used by HUM now. Without lazybones stuff ver now uses bonescaling

    2.0 Stage 2 of skill now you can change and enlarge yourself and become stronger. (YOU NEED TO MOVE data INTO YOUR DIR AGAIN FOR THIS UPDATE) Rist bands removed. (stage 2 DOES NOT work on the non-lazybone ver of the skill.)

    2.1 Added new bust Goku Gi (No character). Check screenshots.

    3.0 Namekian Race Added. Does not work for non-lazybone version.

    4.0 Added HUF/SYF Support. Changed installation steps read me file in download.

    4.5 Updated Non-lazybone content versions of the mod. they now support all races (that are supported by the main mod Human/Saiyan Male/Female and Namekian) and stage 2 of the mod works for them aswell.

    5.0 Frieza Race support added. the default uses type 1 of every part it changes. feel free to request for your cac in the discord. Installer updated all you have to do is run the installer and install the X2Ms. and you're done.

    5.5 Each race version can be installed at the same time.

    6.0 Complete rework of the HC Arm.

    7.0 Complete rework of the HC face. Also namekians have gotten the hand and face rework this update. but are very buggy.

    7.1 forgot to upload 1.11 update. any problems with CaC outfits should be fixed. also females will get bigger.

    8.0 Female Majin (MAF) support added. i highly rec a request for your cac cause of how different the character will look.

    8.5 All races can now be installed at the sametime, also packed all races into a single x2m. fixed messed up face when transforming.

    8.6 Fixed bonescaling. character should now grow like in the screenshots again.

    8.7 Without LazyBone version was bugged to only allow female human/saiyans fixed. i am starting a vote for the next update now tho please check it out.

    8.7v2 The skill wouldn't be in the shop until you beat some missions fixed now.

    9.3 (EXPERIMENTAL) Updated faces/busts for all races (excluding Majin male as they are unsupported) fixed transformation animation for the faces. Small bugs on the majins color is wrong on a part of the face which is one of the reasons this is experimental if you have any bugs with this version let me know in my discord.