Light of Justice (Half Corrupted for HUM/SYM)

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    Call upon the Light of Justice to strike your hand and unleash true divine wrath upon all mortals!


    Thank you to lazybone for letting me use his animations effects cam.animations ect.

    Skill files. Vall Models Mods'n'scribes Mr.Seongon/Tsu (Join They're discord for xenoverse modding requests. Tell them Adam sent you ean files setups. Adam

    I am now accepting requests to put the HC arm on ANY HUM Bust (And HUF bust when support for HUF is added) $1 USD for the Bust buy 3 busts at one time and get them for $2.50 USD. for every 3 in the bundle take $0.50 USD from the price. 6 busts = $5 USD. Join this discord to request busts.

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    Readme.txt (in the download)

  • event_note Changelog

    1.4 Fixed rigging error on shirtless bust. Thanks Yami

    1.6 Skills can now be got the skill shop from the start of the game. Added version that does not use lazybones stuff.

    1.7 Fixed all skills can be used by HUM now. Without lazybones stuff ver now uses bonescaling

    2.0 Stage 2 of skill now you can change and enlarge yourself and become stronger. (YOU NEED TO MOVE data INTO YOUR DIR AGAIN FOR THIS UPDATE) Rist bands removed. (stage 2 DOES NOT work on the non-lazybone ver of the skill.)

    2.1 Added new bust Goku Gi (No character). Check screenshots.

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  • UpdatedJul 17, 2018
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