Luki’s moveset! [SSJ3 and TAIL]

  • descriptionDescription

    Hello everyone, This is the first moveset that I finally have the confidents to release! It's a combination of JBM's revision movesets, a very good friend of mine, I asked him if it was ok to release and he gave a thumb up! So here I am with "my" first ever moveset for the public , It took me a long time to put together and I'm still a little new to tail support so please go easy on me if your tail ends up all over the place ok? I'll release a video soon showcasing the moveset, until then you'll have to just download it. have a great day! Luki out

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Drag and drop in SYM folderĀ  DB xenoverse 2/Data/Chara/SYM

  • event_noteChangelog

    I forgot to mention in the video that the grab is Bardock's with sped up animation xP

    V1.0: Added an x2m