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    This is a Male edit of Biotear's mod, the edit now allows you to use Biotear's gun mod on a male CAC, if you would like to have the Female version please goto: Female Mac-10 Mod

    Link to Biotear's page:

    ~ All credit goes to Biotear for putting the mod together and CS:GO for the model itself!! ~

    This mod adds a Mac-10 SMG which replaces the Bansho Fan. The gun itself fits snug on your CAC's back and will clip little to almost none even with the bulkiest of clothing. (Does not apply for capes/cloaks, there will be clipping)

    Note: This is an edit if you would like a comparison of what has changed please look at the last (5th) screenshot, credit and link to the original author and post are here in the description.

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    Simply take the files and place them into your DATA2, DATA, CHARA, HUM then repack!

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  • UpdatedFeb 14, 2020
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