MAF Masks & Trumpets Part 1 (Dragon Ball Online)

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    Here is a bunch of accessories for majin I made from this concept art.

    I wanted to make this for MAMs too, but these masks look really weird on them. There are more fitting masks for mams for another time.

    I changed my mind and made these for MAMs anyway. The requested human version is done too. And since I was doing that anyway I copypasted it for everyone else.


    some background:


    • trumpets are used by Ultimate Majins to buff friendlies or blast enemies with music
    • masks are used by Karma Majins for hexing people and other odd magic. they are sort of like those big voodoo masks


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    V2 every race is supported

    V3 pink trumpet ported to xenoverse 1 (MAF only). pack into data2 to replace Arale-chan's poop stick

    V4 added few merged accessories with a candy scouter and a demon scouter



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