MAF Smiley Face Mk 2

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  • descriptionDescription

    It's a remake of my old face mod.

    Original version updated with x2m interchangeable with this mod:


    It was an attempt to make the face and cheeks less flat. The smile and nose are smoother. Includes a version for Xenoverse 1.


    The other face comes in 2 variations with makeup. The classic one has round face paint. The new version is supposed to look like blush (I hope it does)





  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Use the x2m to automatically install the mod (as a replacer mod it will copy MAF_005_Face_base.emd or MAF_021_Face_base.emd into data)

    (or drag to data from the optional folder)


    Xenoverse 1 version has to be packed into data2 as usual