Majin Boo (Universe 4)

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    This is Universe 4 Majin Boo, since every universe has a God of Destruction. I would imagine that every universe has a Majin Boo so this is what i would think it would look like. But this Boo was the only one that was not created since the beginning of time but it was created by the God of Destruction of the 4th Universe as in his universe there was no Boo. This make this Boo the strongest out of all the 12 Boos because of it possessing God chi(ki), which the weakest was Universe 7. So i hope you guys enjoy this mod and let me know if you guys want more Boo mods in the future. P.S. King Cold is still W.I.P and so is the final God of Destruction, i can't think of a design for her.

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    I gave Boo it's original hands from the manga so it only has one finger It also has a villanous mode but not it's complete color scheme

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