Majin Vegeta Overhaul

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    I wasn't too happy about the way Majin Vegeta was handled in this game. He just uses Vegeta's normal moveset and even his intro quotes are the same unless he faces a character that triggers special quotes. In this game he really is only Vegeta with an M on his forehead. This mod aims to provide a Majin Vegeta with a bit more personality.

    He uses Baby Vegeta's fighting style, sinceĀ it's viciousness and brutality suits him very well. He also uses Mira's stance as well as several of Piccolo's animations for movement. Naturally all those animations have been adjusted to Vegeta's size thanks to the unbelievable useful tool Yet Another Ean Organizer.

    He also uses different quotes for intros, victories and defeat in a match.


    Worth noting that he also comes equipped with two skills from my other mods. So here is a brief explanation:

    -Big Bang Attack EX is a version of Big Bang Attack with a far faster projectile for an increased cost.

    -Minor Power Rush is a version of Power Rush that only costs 3 bars but also is only about the same strength as your usual 3 bar ultimate.


    There are also special "Boss" variations to be used by the AI to hopefully provide a bit of a challenge to a human player.