Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Legends)

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    This is a port of Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Legends.

    He uses Krillens moveset and the skill set consists of skills I think are appropriate for Master Roshi.

    I decided to go an extra mile with this mod and give him his Jackie Chun costume and also extra variations for the first 2 costumes, but with his shell Jet pack from Dragon Balls Legends added on. Master Roshi can't fly on his own in the anime/manga so if you need a logical reason for him flying for some reason, then the jet pack variations are for you. Side note on the jet pack, I can't figure out how to put the blue flame effect on it yet, so that's something that will be fixed later on hopefully.

    This mod is also my first mod that I have fully voiced, skills included. I got the voice files for Roshi from Budokai Tenkiachi 3.

    I may add more costumes for Roshi in the future, such as his shorts and beach shirt for example. Also his maximum power form might also be something I make later on, but I'm not promising anything.

    Anyway please enjoy!