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    Before giving mods a bad rating, why don't you guys explain why it was bad.

    A version of Kaioken that has increased stats, costs less to use, and isn't reliant on stamina. One thing though (which I don't understand)... even though I turned off stamina drain, it still shows the bar draining. Though when the bar does drain Kaioken doesn't turn off. It balances it out though pretty much. You can't boost or Z-Vanish when your stamina is drained but you get to keep the level of Kaioken you are at. In skill shop for 100 zeni.

    There are 3 forms.

    Super Kaioken - 1/2 bar of ki required

    Ultra Kaioken - 1.5 bars of ki required

    Mastered Kaioken - 3 bars of ki required

    Note: Super/Ultra/Mastered Kaioken shows up in the slot only when you transform the first time, the rest of the time it will say "Unlock Awoken Skill".

    Screenshot by: Shafin09

    This was requested by silvers123 for their birthday, which is why it is separate from the request pack.

    Request Page: Request Page.

    P.S. If people "don't see" the request page, then I "don't see" your requests. Is it THAT hard to use the request page. If you have a request in the comments it should be about things I can do with the mod, or an update I should do for it. Make it actually related to the mod.

    I now have a Discord. Feel free to join!

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