Mastered Ultra Instinct (Anime Shade)

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    Mastered U.I Until next week when extra pack 2 drops.

    With Savage Strike, Punisher Drive, pressure sign, Ultra Instinct Charge, Perfect Kamehameha, and One Handed Spirit Bomb. Also, his eyes are slightly more blue-ish/silver then plain grey in previous mods.

    Thanks to Frank2703 for lending me some of his resources for the mod:

    Thanks to Deadly Goomba for the One Handed Spirit Bomb:

    Thanks to whoever made the Ultra Instinct charge skill, idk who made it but if you comment here I will credit you.

    Install lazybones transformations for the UI aura.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    XV2 Installer

  • event_note Changelog

    V1: Needs a custom portrait if anyones nice enough? Lol.

    V2 Thanks to blackender for the portrait