MINI-MOD | FighterZ Crystal Textures for Frieza, Cooler, & Frost | Xenoverse 2 Mod

  • description Description

    Not much to say here. This is a mod I've been wanting to make ever since they announced FighterZ, and now that it's out, I can finally do it.

    This is a very simple mod, which is why I'm not making it available for Patrons in advance, and just releasing it publicly right away. Maybe someday I'll tackle the Frieza Race and add the same texture, unless someone else do it.

    You are free to use the texture from this Mini-Mod for your own Mod, as long as you give proper credit, and link people to the original mod (The link in this case. Not the Patreon Link). No Permission is needed, but if you release a mod using this texture, without proper credit or link to the original mod, it will be deleted.

    Not much else to say. Enjoy the mod!

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - Initial Release