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    Mista Kaito is Saiyan's Universe 8 and also student of future Trunks. He was saved by angel when the god of the destruction, Liquir, had destroyed some of the planets in the universe when the planet broke into bloodshed without obeying a god until the terrible battle of the planet was amongst other planets, but Kaito has since small and special compared to Goku. so the god of the destruction (Liquir) has been attracted to Kaito's conviction that since childhood has been super saiyan then the angel has taken Kaito and sent to Xeno universe to be a student trunks and then to train his with all the strengths that he took it for a while until Kaito grew up with adulthood and that's when he was perfect using super saiyan as well as profound skills. since then Trunks made Kaito the first student class in the world to be an example to the other student's heroes and to be a savior to the world

    In addition, trunks are also attracted to and surprised by Mista Kaito's ability to easily reach the super saiyan Blue perfectly without hard training such as in the universe 7 ie goku and vegeta practicing hard with angel (whis). what happened to Kaito as well. it's not something that is not logical but fate has determined his life to be created into one of the greatest saiyan in the universes.

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