More Expressive Portraits Pack (M.E.P.P)

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    What is it? Well it makes the base game portraits look more expressive instead of just staring at you blankly. It could be as simple as giving them a smirk or even making them look like they are ready to kick your ass!

    This is a pack of portraits that replace the original versions of them: They replace BattleĀ  Portraits (Not CSS) with more expressive versions of itsself. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to everyone who gave me tips to improve the portraits. Added (in order)- "SSGSS Vegeta, Rose Goku Black, Bardock, Appule, Broly (Z), SSGSS Gogeta, Jiren, Frieza,+More Coming Soon

    Please tell me if there are any issues or if there are any facial expressions that you think are off.

    Special Thanks To:

    VaiJack8- for helping fix the lighting and color code of one of the portraits. Here is- VaiJack8 and Our Team Of Portrait Creators Mod Pack

    The Citadel Discord- Server for entertainment and support

    QWALITY BOis for being my BOis- VaiJack8 and Our Team Of Portrait Creators Mod Pack

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Drag and drop the data folder

    Easier than NUT

  • event_note Changelog

    0.5 Beta Start off Vegeta SSGSS and Rose Goku Black

    0.6 Added Extra Portraits, added Appule, Broly and Bardock (Rose Goku Black arm lighting fixed)

    0.7 Updated Thumbnail

    0.8 Added SSGSS Gogeta (Temporarily removed Bardock from Version 0.8 for EMB issues)

    0.85 Added Jiren (Added back Bardock)

    0.88 Added Frieza Final Form

    0.89 (Broly Fixed EMB)

    0.9 (Coming In a while) Next Update I'm gonna add alot so you peeps don't have to keep redownloading this

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