Moro (The planet eater) DBS manga

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    So this is Moro (The planet eater) from DBS latest manga. This mod brings:

    -Moro 1.1 base transformable into younger Moro (slot1) + Time breaker Moro (slot2 just for fun)

    -Moro 1.1 (rejuvenated Moro). You can install separetely.

    NOTE: PLEASE USE latest AZURA'S AURA PACK with this mod and latest Lazybones pack or you can have no aura or transformation bugs.

    We have to say, we still have little information about Moro. We dont know his colours, aura, etc, so we took some references from recoloring manga in the internet. We thought green aura and green skills would be nice and fit well to the char but they could change in the future as we know more about him.

    On the other hand, Sukoji made and awesome job with the model, even improving it more with 1.1, however is it not perfect so it could be improved in future updates. We also added textures, skills and fixed many things. He uses a transformation where he becomes younger (like in manga).

    Credits and especial thanks to:

    -Dakon89 for the skills

    -Azura for the auras

    -Lazybones for his pack

    -Spire64 for the thumbnail

    -Syntixis (Arky) for the showcase

    -Vaijack for the portraits

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Lazybones pack

    Install Azura's auras or ruin the mod lol:

    Then use Eternity's patcher and installer to install the mod.

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  • UpdatedJun 2, 2019
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