Moveset- Future Gohan Black Rosé

  • descriptionDescription

    Thanks to the original modder Retry for his amazing work ! i liked a lot the gameplay so i tried to make it for my cac (saiyan male) and this is the result.

    FUTURE GOHAN BLACK (SUPER SAIYAN ROSÉ) is requiered to make this work, download from here

    You need to have the bomber DX skill equipped if u want the very cool rosé explosion on the screenshoot, just watch the retry's video you will understand.

    Retry's channel

    Support him here

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Drag and drop.

    Note that you need to be using the normal Sym moveset (If you follow any tutorial to change your moveset by editing chara_model_specs.cms you should change it back to SYM