Moveset – RAD (Raditz) + Tail + SSj3 Support

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    Raditz Moveset for CAC


    Saiyan Males (Hum)

    The Moveset now have SSj3 support and tail animations, but you still need to install a tail mod.

    Moveset is adjusted to work with CAC size


    This was possible thank's to the explanation of Dexio regarding the Dual ultimates! Go check his stuff


    Thank's to Buzzwat; Hillan; Lucifers Angel; Dregonia; ZeroKurosa; ButteryKai; NeivyBlacku; Azura, Leon, Image64Labs and Sinister for being helping me testing the movesets.

    You can see the list of movesets that i already release here:

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    • Drag and Drop


    •  X2M
  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - Release

    1.1 - Update for Extra Pack 2

    1.9 - Updated to work with Dual Ultimates

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