Moveset – TPO (Tapion) + Tail + SSj3 Support

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    Tapion Moveset for CAC

    Saiyan Males (Hum)

    The Moveset now have SSj3 support and tail animations, but you still need to install a tail mod.

    Some people are  saying that the sword sounds don't work, or that the sword is out of the case. Well I test the moveset again and everything is working fine. Follow the instru ctions to activate the sword sounds. And in if by chance your sword is out of the case you need to change your character size by collecting the dragon balls and going to the dragon.  Also the face is working fine to



    Usually all browsers work but if you experience any problem to download please use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer


    You can see the list of movesets that i already release here:


    Thank's to my friend 345boneshoss for the help he gave me

    Bonehoss Uploader profile ->


    If you have any trouble installing this Mod or if you just want to spend some nice time

    please join Kame-House Discord

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Drag and drop


    • X2M

    It's required in each case to install the x2m from the sword

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - release

    1.1 - Add a fix for people having problems with the CAC face

    1.2 - Update for Extra Pack 2

    1.9 - Dual ultimate Support

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