My custom ssj4 hair style

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    this is the first hair that I have ever made that I actually like the look of and is a combination of vegito, ssj4 goku and super 17's hair with a custom design for the hair that shows up around the shoulders. I set the hair to have green in the front and for it to go blue while transformed to give off the effect of my character going from a base/legendary combo to a combo of ssb and whatever form I choose to transform into (in my case super sayian god) also if you want to see other colour variants of this mod please let me know what colours you want to see and ill make a colour variation of it. I used multiple video tutorials to make this hair and it took quite a while to get it right in blender and am currently planning to make a video tutorial on how to make a hair mod combining what I learned from all of those video tutorials so everyone who wants to make their own hair tutorials can do so

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    drag and drop

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