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    Description (Basic Mod): _New .ean (combat animation) + new .esk _New simple outfit _New haircut _Earring _New aura (Ultra Instinct, Orange / Fire) _Size of Gohan teen

    Techniques : _x10 Kamehameha _Meteor crash _Punisher drive _Instant charge

    _Warp Kamehameha _Super ki explosion

    _Energy field

    25 SLOTS

    3 different times: _Ado (10 years) = 4 Transformations _Young Adult (18 years) = 7 Transformations _Adults Aged (51 years) = 11 Transformations

    Base: Ultra Instinct (UI) Infos: Saiyan of the Universe? with Ultra Instinct acquired from birth

    Transformation 1: UI Super Saiyan Infos: Super Saiyan Transformation of the Ultra Instinct

    Transformation 2: UI Super Saiyan 2 Infos: Evolution of the UI in Super Saiyan 2

    Transformation (Other): Oozaru Infos: Oozaru Transformation of Saiyans of this Unknown Universe

    Transformation 3: Oozaru Mastered Infos: Total control of the Oozaru Ultra Instinct

    Transformation 4: Oozaru Mastered Super Saiyan Infos: Shape evolve with acquisition of the Super Saiyan of the Universe?

    Transformation 5: Super Saiyan Beyond Infos: A power that can compete against the greatest deities

    Transformation 6: Super Saiyan Beyond 2 Info: Evolution of Super Saiyan Beyond

    Transformation 7: Super Saiyan Evolution Infos: Potential develop thanks to technology in the very distant future

    Transformation 8: Super Saiyan Evolution 2 Info: Coalescence of Saiyan and technology

    Transformation 9: Super Saiyan Destiny Infos: Future shape of the Saiyan, acquisition of its maturity and the peak of its power

    BONUS Transformation (Other): Super Saiyan Legendary Infos: For Broly fans like me

    New Technique: _Super Saiyan Dandrich Teen (3 Transformations) _Super Saiyan Dandrich Young Adult (6 Transformations) _Super Saiyan Dandrich Adult Aged (9 Transformations) _Oozaru _Super Saiyan Legendary _Instant Charge

    Mod required for the same aura: By Pride Troopers:

    Map Tournament of Power: By Alpha and Mastaklo: