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    It's an alternative to my N-Anime reshade preset, that was designed for the Ultimate Reshade mod. Many of you wanted a more DBZ-like design. So I chose Masta-Shading as a basis for this. Besides Mastaklo is really active and often publish new characters and stages.


    • Subtle Ambient Occlusion, to improve objects and characters shading towards lights
    • Ambient Light, for more consistent lighting (can be enabled using Numpad 2)
    • Anime faithful color palette
    • Improved texture details
    • Debanding (-15 fps. You can toggle it using Numpad 3)

    N.B : Depending on your monitor (or TV) and your calibration, the rendering can be different. Maybe more plain. I added a "Vivid Mode" you can toggle using the Numpad 1 key.

    Known bugs

    • Because of ambient occlusion, you'll see what is actually happening when loading a fight ^^'
    • Smoke of crashed starship is seen as a rectangle because of Ambient Occlusion. But I had to make a trade. We can see it's a texture, not real smoke.

    Reshade 4.0+ required !

  • event_note Changelog

    0.8 : Initial

    0.9 : More details (removed HQ4X) + Debanding (still needs optimizations)

    0.91 : Ability to toggle Debanding

    1.0 : Remade from scratch to improve colors and performances. Removed Ambient Light.

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  • UpdatedJan 30, 2019
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