Namekian Dragon Power

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    This is a brand new transformation for Namekians.

    Concept: Namekians created Dragon Balls, so they are able to use them in a very unique way.

    Disclaimer: yes, it is "just" the Omega Shenron model adjusted on the namekian body and yes, it is a bit OP (+50% to all, -50% damage   ;P).

    Probable future developments: add some texture details, like classic namekian skin, change of moveset.


    •  a little one whit the horn on the arms during arms stretching animations, i thought to remove the horn but I like it too much. Maybe I will work further on the rig.
    • during some animations, like flying, the horns on the arm (it's always them) may penetrate the body, anyway this doesn't bother me so much.
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    v 1.3   idb fix, now appears in the shop from the beginning of the game.

    v 1.25 released

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