Naruko Full Kyuubi Chakra Mode

  • description Description

    This mod replaces your Female saiyan custom character Make sure your custom character has these settings when creating a new character or use the dragon balls to edit your character:


    The reason why this mod only replaces your Female saiyian custom character is that I want you to do more with this mod

    Also includes .x2m file for new character slot

    You can also download the mod here: Link

    For more of my mods of this game and other games go here: Link

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  • speaker_notes Installation
    Make sure you have XV2PATCHER installed then send data file to the root of the game.
    There are two versions one with lines and one with out lines.
    The one with out lines has a few problems look at this picture
    Pic 1: Link
    The one with out lines to me looks more realistic
    Just install the .x2m file like you would with other mods.