new health bar and strength for a lot of enemies

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    hi everyone here something thanks to the incredible tutorial of Darkm1 Ultrakill and the members of this incredible thread now a lot of enemy has the health longer for longer fights and more challenge in vs mode

    note about the oozaru as cpu in versus mode only if you fight in tag the second will have a longer health bar too

    salut à tous si vous souhaitez affronter de nombreux ennemies de goku et ses amis en mode versus lors de batailles plus longues grâce à l'incroyable tutorial de Ultrakill Darkm1 et les membres de cette incroyable thread les barres de vies de nombreux adversaires sont maintenant plus longues donc vous aurez plus de challenge bon jeu à tous à bientôt

    note the mods used for the screens : the incredible spiderman mod has been created by LEARNBOB789 the incredible gohan kai with sword has been created by Komodo the incredible Hildegarn mod has been created by Mastaklo and the incredible mod no shading you can see in the third screen has been created by Makoto Son

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