NEW PQ: Zamasu’s Zero Mortals Plan [DLC – unofficial]

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    Now available in Spanish and English (choosing other languages will make the game crash)

    First of all, you will find two versions:

    Story Mode and Free CAC Mode

    • Story Mode (Recommended): Some quests will choose characters according to the anime original story so you won't be able to choose your character
    • Free CAC Mode: You can choose any character to play any quest


    - 10 New parallel quests!

    - 5 New z-souls

    - Black's Gi

    - New characters with updated skills: Zamasu, Black, Future Trunks SSJ2, Goku SSB and Vegeta SSB

    - Complete PQ 84 to unlock Zamasu

    - Complete PQ 86 to unlock Black

    - New transformation for Black: Super Saiyan Rose

    - New transformation for Goku and Vegeta: Super Saiyan Blue

    and more to discover!



    OST for PQ (Recommended) from here



    The Mad Titan for Future Stage - visit his channel

    Val E Ryon for Trunks - visit his channel

    Loxas for Black

    Makotoson for Zamasu

    Thanks to Murvam x gaming for Spanish translation

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    Stay tuned for more updates!

    Mod by becks7


    Note: If you have any problem, post it properly with enough description and add a screenshot when needed. I am tired with comments like doesn't work for me...

  • speaker_notesInstallation
    • Choose which mode to play (Free CAC Mode or Story Mode)
    • Don't use CPK Patcher. (actually you can use it only for datap3)
    • Unpack data2.cpk and datap3.cpk, insert files from the mod and repack with libxenoverse or other programs (the old way)
    • If you still don't know how to install it visit video tutorial (thanks to Titan)
  • event_noteChangelog

    Too lazy to type here. Figure it out yourself.