New Skill Pack

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    New Skills In Game:

    3 Final KAmehamehas:




    3 Skills

    Servance Lasso:Zamasu blade on Divine Lasso

    Final Galick Gun:Final Flash in Galick Gun

    Ultra Instinct Attack (The Name Says All)

    4 Transformations (LazyBone Extension Pack(Except Two))

    Super Saiyan Blue (Full Power)

    Super Saiyan Rosé (Full Power)-SSJ White

    Black Potential

    Ultra Instinct (Old Mod Recycle  lol)

    Merge With Zamasu


    (All The Skills Are Translated To spanish)

    (1 Character)

    Rosé Goku Black (with Scyte as a ultimate(Sword at the moment))

    Join My discord,i do requests and I want to make a modder group

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    Typical X2M

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    The Black Rose update