New skills: Unlock Potential with Kaioken (HUM) and Unlock Potential with SSJ 1-2 (SYM)

  • description Description

    Hi everyone!! This is my first mod!!! With this mod you can use Unlock Potential and then turn in SSJ1-2 (for Saiyan Male), or Kaioken x20, Kaioken x50 (for Human Male).

    I've done this because Unlock Potential is the hidden power of Gohan/CAC, then for me is not a trasformation. Then if Unlock Potential is my power as a Saiyan I can turn into a Super Saiyan  to increase my power.

    For Unlock Potential Kaioken there is no explanation. As Goku can do SSJ Blue Kaioken, We can use Kaioken with Unlock Potential Activeted.


    PS: Sorry for my english. ? Good Game Everyone.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    x2m files.

  • event_note Changelog

    There are 2 skills:

    1) Unlock Potential Super Saiyan 2 (Unlock Potential, SSJ, SSJ2) for Saiyan Male

    2) Unlock Potential Kaioken (Unlock Potential, Kaioken x20, Kaioken x50) for Human Male