New Transformations (Added Skills)

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    This mod aims to expand the transformations available to various races (CAC), and add some in for the regular characters too. I plan to add more to it as time goes on, so what's there now is just a start.I'm open to suggestions too, if I like it and can do it, I'll add it.

    All skills are in the shop to buy.

    New Transformations:

    Super Saiyan God (+SSG to SSB skill, for CAC/Goku)

    Super Saiyan Blue (for CAC, and Goku/Vegeta/Vegito)

    Super Saiyan Blue-SSB Kaioken (2-stage skill, regular SSB then SSB Kaioken)

    Super Saiyan Rose (Goku Black/CAC)

    Super Saiyan 4

    Super Namekian

    Frieza Race Transformations (3-stage transformation with appearance changing at each stage)

    Augmented Form (Frieza Race, 2-stage transformation based on Cooler's transformation)

    Super Vegeta 3 (CAC only)

    Super Saiyan Rage (Future Trunks, no double aura)

    Other Skills:

    Super Black Kamehameha, Aura Slide, Dual Masenko and Burning Strike are in the store to buy now.

    These skills may have bugged/weird face animations on CAC and other characters not intended to use them. I can't fix that.


    Majin Race transformation (Super Buu?)

    Better balancing, more skill descriptions, and making the new skills a quest reward (optional)

    Known Problems:

    Incorrect name on SSB-SSBK skill when in-match (It says SSB Kaioken when you have to go SSB first, and doesn't have the proper revert text) Also happens on Frieza Race transformation. I know what causes it, just not how to fix.

    Both Frieza Race transformations use battle damage textures all the time: don't know why

    Super Souls don't activate with new skills (I've been saving this! Kaioken!, I am...Super Vegeta!!, and other similar ones)

    Potential Unleashed has default race aura: intentionally done so SSB Kaioken can exist, but I'll list it here.

    SSB Kaioken animation camera is bugged. I made it so most of the time the camera wont activate (so you can move it around freely during the animation), but sometimes it misbehaves. Regular SSG-SSB skill is unaffected by this.


    Your hair will change when transforming into SSG, SSB and SSR. This can't be helped, but I've included instructions on how to change it to any of the normal game hair styles or a hair mod, so you can keep your normal hair in SSG, use different hair in SSB/SSR, or keep your normal hair there too. You can also change the hairstyle for SS1/SS2 if you want (by default there's no change there, you need to use the extra file for that).


    Kingpin for Super Saiyan 4 bust & tail (

    JEMN2001 for Spanish translation

    Wiliam_Felber for Portuguese translation

    Eternity & Mugen for their modding tools!


    All languages are supported but the new skills will show up in English, except for Spanish and Portuguese, which are translated.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    You NEED the latest patcher to use this mod, please update. And no, versions 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 etc and repacking wont work, so don't try. It will crash or just wont load. Get latest version here =

  • event_note Changelog

    0.85 - improved Frieza Race Transformation, added alternate SSB hairstyles

    0.9 - fixed msg files, added Augmented Form

    0.92 - added Super Trunks, removed golden glow from SSB Goku/Vegeta/Vegito, Goku has correct face model when he transforms to SSB now

    0.93 - added SS Rose for CAC, aura will be adjusted later to be more fitting. Some Black/Trunks exclusive skills have been added to the shop for CAC too. Super Vegeta animation fixed.

    0.94 - workaround for SSB Kaioken animation added. It will be buggy sometimes, but works way more often now. Animation has also been altered so they wont silently talk anymore.

    0.95 - SSG added, Goku X2M with SSG-SSB transformation added

    0.951 - Goku SSG-SSB X2M fixed

    0.95.5 - fixed glow issues on male SSG, female SSG-SSB-SSR, battle portraits added for SSB Vegeta, SSB Vegito, Super Trunks, SSG-SSB Goku

    0.96 - SS4 added. Solo SSG removed from store and skill list. Use SSG-SSB instead. Spanish & Portuguese translation added, and some small fixes.

    0.96.1 - added some additional dyt files for forehead types that had color issues

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