new transformation’s for CAC

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    new transformations for CAC male and female saiyans the stiff tail as seen in video was me not having a tail compatable moveset please ignore





    ssj4 limit breaker

    i have used assests from various other mods to make this happen

    unleasheds first time ssj for ssj1  found here

    legends vegito mod from halloweenpands found here

    gamer chiefs shallot mod for ssj3 and 4   found here


    the aura for limit break ssj4 is from kristals limit breaker ssj4 mods of goku and vegeta found here


    the bust used is linklink117 ssj4 abbes bust found here


    i have gotten permission from all source content


    hair ids given in the notepad doc in file

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    install aura

    install x2m good to go

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