New Ultimate Skills Pack

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    This Modpack includes 7 Ultimate Skills:

    • S.S. Deadly Bomber (Super C-13's Ultimate Attack, it's my favorite one here, it has a tracking System and inflects huge damage)
    • Revenge Death Ball (Super Baby Vegeta's Ultimate Attack, I made the voice compatible with Xan's mod Super Baby Vegeta 2)
    • Godly Final Flash (We've seen this skill in DBZ and in some DB Games, this skill is more powerful than the regular final flash)
    • Super Big Bang Attack (the ultimate version of the big bang attack, it has a tracking system aswell)
    • Super Kamehameha Shot (We've seen goku using the kamehameha shot many times in the series...)
    • Godly Super Kamehameha (it deals huge damage and it's unblockable)
    • Green Super Kamehameha (this is not just a recolor of the super kamehameha, it has a different behaviour)

    Notice: these skills are not just recolor of existing skills.


    • Lazybone for SSB Goku and SSB Vegeta
    • Xan for Super Baby Vegeta 2
    • DARK-SOKU for Super C-13

    Enjoy :)

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    Initial release.