New Useful Skills Pack

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    This Mod Includes:  

      Super Attacks:

    • Ki Shock Canon (It's a much better version of ''Ki Blast Canon'', this skill Breaks the opponent's Stamina and does more damage)
    • Explosive Ki Blast (This skill is fast, chargeable and deals much damage)
    • Finishing Flash (It's a Long range ''Finish Breaker'' with Tracking System)

      Ultimate Attacks:

    • Galactic Buster (Full Power Bojack's Ultimate Move)
    • Super Rage Kamehameha (SSJ2 Adult Gohan's Ultimate Move)

      Evasive Skills:

    • Instant Transmission (It's Based on ''Instant Rise'', this skill has the sound and animation from Instant Transmission (which makes it cooler) and only consumes 1 Stamina Bar)
    • Psycho Barrier (Energy Field using Psycho Barrier's Animation, I made this skill because it suits both Bojack and Android 17 from DB Super (he used it to  Block Goku's Kamehameha))

    Enjoy :)

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    Initial Release.