No pre DLC Gold SSJ4 Vegeta Majin Buu saga

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    This is nassif9000's Gold SSJ vegeta with Leonexodio tail animations with B1ack Wolf's Majin buu saga outfit. Takes up the 10th slot of normal Vegeta for those who have no Pre release DLC. You will need to set up his Aura as well as movelist, that is up to you, this is just the skin. All credit goes to both nassif9000 for the coloring, Leonexodio for adding the tail animations, and B1ack Wolf for the Bust and Pants files that made this mod possible. love you guys! Very little credit should be given to me, I'm just the middleman. Note: I have permission from all three authors to release this mod. Once again, I LOVE GOOOOOLLLLLDDDD.

    This comes with files for both Normal SSJ4 Vegeta as well as files for putting him in slot 10 of Normal vegeta, so it'll cover both the in story vegeta as well as the new modded 10 slot. Enjoy and love to everyone who gave me permission to mash these three mods together.

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    Goes in data2