Nr.18 Clothes (skirt) skimpy for HUF CaC

  • description Description

    Skimpy version of Android 18 Clothes.

    Normal colors and colorable.

    Normal bust size and big bust size.


    Obviously replace the Android 18 Clothes (skirt).


    Added a version that has a "whole" skirt that is not open on the side. (seen in the last image) Colorable files applie to this version of the pants as well.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Drop the file you of the version you want in to data/chara/HUF.

    For colorable version drop the files from the colorable_files folder into data/chara/HUF (and replace of course) AFTER you copied over the actual mod files.

  • event_note Changelog


    • release
    • update: added a normal skirt version that is not open on the side


    • updated the big boobs model and pants model (skirt with open side is NOT updated, the colorable version won't work properly)


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