Omega Shenron (The Ultimate Minus Form) CUSTOMIZE

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    Hey I know this is a bad idea for a mod but i uploaded it anyway maybeeeee a miracle will happen and you will like it.!


    I Customized his skills,aura and the combos.

    and added (Sword Of Minus Energy)? for some of his skills and combos.


    Very Important Note:

    there are Apparently a limit of the amount of new aura files we can install at once.

    _____>> So You Should <<_____

    1-First clean xv2ins Installtion so no mods installed.

    2-then install my mod (the aura installer first then the X2M) and My aura will look correct.


    Credit to 345_boneshoss



    My Discord: amir#4471

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    • In the rar file.
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    First Release.

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