One Piece – Monkey D. Luffy (w/ Custom Transformation and Voice)

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    Hey, I don't even know where to start.

    First of all, this MOD was created a long time ago. I was working hard on it, it has so many buggs, game crashes and it just was annoying. But beeing Patiented helped me, I got alot of Help from Discord Servers, I got better in making Mods and this time I wanna give u something that shouldve been released earlier. But I quitted Modding and forgot about this MOD.. now I came back to give you guys the Unfinished Part of it, stay tuned for HUGE Updates, like Gear 3th Transformations, MORE BUG FIXXES, MORE EPIC VOICE AND EPIC SELFMADE STUFF! well this is getting very far, but im serious.. stay tuned :)

    NOTE: PLEASE USE latest AZURA'S AURA PACK with this mod 


    This MOD Contains Monkey. D Luffy from One Piece, with an Epic Custom Transformation, some Custom Voice, some recolored Skills (Custom Voiced) and even 1 Custom Skill. (Gomu Gomu No Pistol) it was an "Grabbing" Skill before, but now its just like an Cool Punch. Also It got a completly new Vanilla Reshade (was Jump Force before), and no this isn't Sol Negro's mod if u think so :) Well my English is to bad to talk well about this but u can try it out urself.

    Thanks so much to Falcon for doing the Transformation Animation! And to all the People that helped me on the Discord Server!

    Tell me ur opinions and suggestions for this MOD inside the Comment Section

    Hope u all have a nice day!

    sry for my bad english.




  • speaker_notesInstallation

    simple as that just get xv2ins and install it.

    dont forget about the aura pack linked above :)

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    0.5 - Monkey D. Luffy Beta.


    Height ❌ ( Not Fixxed Yet )


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  • UpdatedNov 8, 2019
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