Pan – Saiyan Legacy [God/Blue/SSJ4] Dual Audio (Final Update!)

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    This is it. The final version of my Pan mod. Now with a japanese voice option on top of everything else! I've fixed every issue that's come up to this point, barring a few minor things that have eluded me. Such as her portrait changing on transformation, but I have yet to find a way to fix that. She comes in a pack of three for different variations. I've updated them all, polishing her up to a shine. If you have any previous versions of her, please totally uninstall them before installing this one.

    ----Credits & Special Thanks----

    Draconis and Lazybone - For giving me permission to include their SSJ4 and God/Blue Transformations.

    Smithers and Josou Kitsune - For teaching me the various parts to .bcs editing, allowing the addition of properly scaled Goku and SSJ4 Goku fighting styles for Pan.

    wefi and Miangoco123456 - For the former's torn gi mod

    and for the latter's custom bandana hair meshes.

    Thanks goes to Biggie for the hair mesh, he saw what I -was- using and didn't like it. So he made his own :D


    Art by the talented kukuruyo


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    X2M Installer. Make sure you have the latest version.

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