Peeler Storm for CAC (Working as of 3/24/18)

  • descriptionDescription

    Rend flesh from bone with this super powered super! Peeler Storm is now available for CAC! There were two other mods I found with this skill but neither worked for me, so here this is! I made my own! The skill will either need to be purchased from the shop, or if it isn't there it was just dropped into your inventory. I have seen both happen on my install. Peeler Storm is a skill used by expert mission bosses, as well as Final Form Mira. It can be an especially annoying move if used against you, and used by the CAC it can quickly and easily run several enemies at once through the paper shredder (for example the metal cooler story mission).

    Neither the outfit, nor the Battle Suit Goku are my mods.

    As mentioned in the first sentence it IS a Super skill, but folks have inquired as to it's nature anyhow, so I've cleared it up here.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    x2m method, thanks to the hard work of folks MUCH smarter than I am!

  • event_noteChangelog

    3/24/18 - Added some thumbnails due to request. Should I put that here? I dunno, I did it anyhow so... O' well.


    Version 1 - Uhh, I uploaded it?