Pikkon Skills Thing

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    Why'd I do this again. Oh, yeah. Wynaut. Anyways, *yawn* so;

    Aero-Break: That KI blast skill, has 3 charge stages, costs 100 KI.

    Fire Kick: That kick skill thing, costs 100 KI.

    Pose: Is a powerup, costs 100 KI.

    Thunder Flash: Beam skill thing, costs 300 KI. aaaa Also, hold the input to prolong the beam.

    Hyper Tornado: That tornado attack thing, costs 300 KI.

    Now lemme vibe to Jujutsu Kaisen OP while doing Blender renders. Kthxbai


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Use XV2 Mods Installer to install the X2Ms or something.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0: Mod released, and will to mod gone this time, I swear. OK, fine. Maybe not completely.