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    I wanna give a HUGE thank you to TheGreenCero for lending me the animations for Shenron and his assistance in recoloring intricate beam skills to make this mod possible!

    We've finally got a working playable Shenron giant, one version for the Eternal Dragon and another for the Black Star Dragon.

    Custom selection portrait, battle portraits, and recolored skills with increased damage are included!

    This Shenron plays with Great Ape Vegeta's moveset but sticks with 2 Shenron animations throughout all of it. You can use its recolored skills without any ki or stamina cost... But there's a catch. The recolored beams will always fire at a high slanted angle. If your opponent isn't above you, then they will always miss... so you need to fire when the opponent is either cornered or lured in. The ultimate skills have a cool added effect that produce a ball of energy in the sky that will stay there until the end of the battle. Adorn the sky with green and red energy spheres that almost look like Dragon Balls!

    You've also got the option of mouth blasts for short-range, mid-range, and long-range... These have better tracking but each cost 1 bar of ki.

    IMPORTANT: NEVER let either Shenron lock on to another Shenron, or the game will take you to a black screen that you can't get out of until the battle resets. If you're going to battle the other Shenron, just attack it without ever locking onto it.


    • Each step you take will hit the opponent for no damage. They will stop flinching when you stop moving.
    • Moving backward without turning around first will knock the opponent into the ground (AVOID DOING THIS, IT IS THE #1 CAUSE OF THE OPPONENT FALLING BELOW THE GROUND BARRIER)
    • Do NOT attack with Shenron until you are finished with his movement animation, or you run the risk of Shenron sinking into the ground. It's rare, but if that happens, then there is no way for him to get back up.
    • Heavy hit makes Shenron chomp at the opponent, knocking them upward.
    • Light hit + forward will knock the opponent to the ground.
    • Ki blast button will grab the opponent. This tends to land almost no matter what.
    • Ascend button will make swooping sounds and then knock the opponent to the ground.
    • The Shenrons' recolored beams and their ultimate attacks need to aim ABOVE Shenron. If your opponent is in your face with melee attacks or charging up a beam to attack you with, then THAT is the time to fire.
    • Don't be discouraged if Shenron falls to a lower part of the map (unless it's somewhere VERY high up). He is able to move back up onto higher terrain with enough persistence, and will keep the enemy away from you while you do it since they'll be flinching every time you move. The key is to lock onto the opponent who is higher than you and just move away from them back up to the higher platform.


    • Block frequently if you see Shenron's movement animation, or else you won't stop flinching until Shenron smacks you to the ground, which might knock you BELOW the ground. It is important to be on guard against this monster.
    • If you ARE knocked below the ground, IMMEDIATELY use your evasive skill or try to snap vanish as soon as you hit the ground. If you used your evasive skill here, then immediately try to fly back up and it should let you through the ground again before the game barriers register that you're underneath the map.
    • If Shenron has stamina, then it is STRONGLY advised to stay high above him. This puts you in range of his energy beams but it's a small price to pay to make sure you don't get launched under the ground.
    • Never attack Shenron if he is in his movement animation. Just keep guarding until he gets out of it and starts a new attack. You should have an opening to strike when he does.
    • Knock down Shenron's stamina and then you'll be able to get right in his face to deal some real damage. Like all Great Apes, he will often use his evasive skill almost as soon as he gets back up.
    • You can target multiple sections of Shenron and one of which is the Great Ape tail section. Do NOT grab the tail, all it does is launch you in a random direction for a second and does no damage.
    • Last but not least, do NOT get caught in their ultimate attacks. The increased damage is enough to devastate the HP of just about any base-game character if you score a direct hit.
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    Installs as an X2M file in the XV2 Installer.

    Shenron (green) and Ultimate Shenron (red) are separate presets with different stats built into one character. Their embedded custom skills install at the same time with the character.

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