Primal Super Saiyan Pack

  • descriptionDescription


    New Transformations by Lazybone

    Azura’s Aura Pack by Azura95 (only if you want to use Azura's Aura Styled Auras)



    Adds 5 New Single-Staged Awoken Skills for SYM/SYF

    -Primal Super Saiyan

    -Primal Super Saiyan God

    -Primal Super Saiyan Ascended God

    -Divine Primal Super Saiyan

    -Legendary Primal Super Saiyan


    Adds 2 New Multi-Staged Awoken Skills for SYM/SYF

    -Primal Saiyan DPSS Variant

    -Primal Saiyan LPSS Variant



    -Highly recommended to use Tech-Noir’s Cel-Shade Overhaul as the busts are colored using that shading and they make look weird without this mod installed, but it is optional

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    XV2 Installer by Eternity

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0 Created/Uploaded Mod

    1.1 Fixed skills not showing up in the shop

        Updated .txt files